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Tips and utilities

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I have started installing a few utilities in view of preparing an email server on Pi, and figured out a few useful things

  1. meld is a graphical diff file for Debian/Gnome. I am planning to use it to compare my working postfix configuration files with the new ones I will be setting up.
  2. Instead of using tightvncserver to run a graphical application on Pi, it is easier to connect with a secure shell (ssh) with the -X option (ssh -X). In this way every time I call a gui application from a command line (e.g. gedit or meld), the system will use the graphical X system of the calling client (my desktop) to display a window acting on Pi. This is very helpful when I want to run a graphical editor on the Pi card, without the need of VNC or direct connection (mouse + keyboard) to the card
  3. Debian run-levels can be viewed and edited with chkconfig command. The package chkconfig need to be installed (apt-get).
  4. A good system log monitor is gnome-system-log, which can be installed with apt-get

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